Helping on the go women not lose themselves in this crazy thing we call life. We do this using our Peaceful Power Practices which utlizes fitness, yoga, & Ayurveda techniques.

Meet your Trainer/Yoga Instructor 

Andrea Claassen

My fitness philosophy has evolved over the years. After training hundreds of clients I've discovered habits,  rethinking your why, and accountability are vital to your training success. My goal is to help women find their Peaceful Power Practices (or habits) that will help them live an empowered life. 

What Our Clients Say

"I've learned a much more holistic approach to my fitness goals since training with Andrea. I never knew I was going to not only enjoy yoga but crave it. "

Liz E., Self Employed

"I feel amazing. I am in my late 30's and feel 10 years younger. Andrea is well educated and challenges me with my workouts in a practical way. I've created good habits these past few years and can't say enough positive things about her programs. "

Jess B., Lawyer

"I've learned so much about fitness since training with Andrea. She has taught me I don't need to spend hours at the gym but can get an effective workout in that fits my needs on a regular basis. My thoughts around workouts has completely changed since working with Andrea."

Rachel R., Teacher

How can I help you live a balanced fitness lifestyle? 

By utilizing the 3 prong approach.

I know working out can be hard, making time for your health can be challenging, and finding the right motivation is exhausting. So I strive to help you with the 3 prong approach to YOUR healthy lifestyle.  I utilize the 3 prong approach to help you find the habits that will work in your life. 

What does the 3 prong approach entail?

*Fitness – I believe in moving your body in a way that you take pleasure in which will become a habit and eventually it will become your new lifestyle. It might be lifting weights, it might be yoga, or a combination of both. I help you discover what works best for you.

* Habits – We will break down what habits we need to implement into your life & what we might need to adjust to help create your perfect fitness lifestyle plan.

*Motivation – We start with finding your true why. This is your golden nugget to helping you achieve your goals. While we are finding your why every month I will help you set your fitness goals using my 90 day approach for the upcoming month. This will be your roadmap for success.

The Nitty Gritty Details 

After booking your time slot below you will be prompted to invest the $149 for the 90 minute consult & follow up emails via paypal. 

You will have a prep form to fill out at the time of booking your appointment. It will help me go deeper on our coaching call if you take the time to fill out the prep form before our conversation. 

I will then send out a link the day of our call. We will be using  Zoom (don't worry you won't have to download anything) you will just click on the link I send you and we will be connected via video. 

Any questions feel free to email me 

What happens after the call? 
*You will have one month of workouts mapped out
*You will have clear goals for the next 90 days
*You will have discovered your why or a path to uncover it
*You will have 2-3 new Peaceful Power Practices or habits created  
*You will also receive follow up emails on the 30, 60, & 90 day mark to further check-in on your habits.